TCNT Values

Propelling the Next Industry Revolution

Regarding the revolutionary aspect of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene, TCNT takes its technique and knowledge advantages in the nanotechnology field to re-energize the traditional industry. TCNT develops a platform for core technologies of nano carbon molecule, including synthesis, modification, and dispersion and further extends to a variety of functional materials and components, establishing a vertically integrated supply chain.


Facilitating Taiwan Industry Upgrades, Solving Talent Shortage Problems

Take sensor components as an example, TCNT integrates technologies in Semiconductor and Carbon Electronic industry to establish standardized sensor components and applies those to facilitate the development of biomedical and IoT industry. The carbon electronics industry would not only help Taiwan to cultivate new talents in both software and hardware, but also solve the limits of Moore’s Law, generating the next growth momentum.


Basic Material Improvement Benefits all Industries

 Nanotechnology will improve basic materials like plastic, rubber, and FRP, escalating quality of end-user products and upgrading the traditional industry. The improvement would guarantee corporate and individual competitiveness and stabilize Taiwan society.


Prosper the Industry from product development

The mission of TCNT focuses not only on single product development but also on overall upgrade of all human beings living environment. TCNT dedicates in re-energizing the traditional industry with nanotechnology and further improves our lives.


Cross Scale Technology

The values of thermal conductivity electrical, mechanical, physical, and mechanical properties of carbon nanotube have been widely recognized. However, the difficulty is to preserve all these properties under cross scale usages. Taking advantage of its core dispersion and mixing technology, including heterogeneous dispersion, cross-scale dispersion, and multiphase dispersion, TCNT is able to apply the strengths of nano carbon molecules to products in various sizes, emphasizing their efficiency.


Changes are Happening

After 4 years of experiences, TCNT has accumulated plenty of technologies and knowledge and has established close relation with customers. With more than one hundred intellectual properties under application, TCNT shows its excellent competitive edges in the field of nano carbon molecule. Meanwhile, with the development of basic chemical products, TCNT will help to lower entry barrier of nanotechnology industry. TCNT is dedicated to taking its strengths in nano carbon molecule to create a better future for all human beings.