TCNT, established in Hsinchu Chunan Science Park, vertically integrates the entire nanotechnology supply chain and envisions for Material Industry 4.0.


TCNT formed strategic partnership with SFCE Group, holding 30% shares of Qianyuan Carbon Technology Co. Ltd. in Changzhou, China, manufacturing photovoltaic module frame.


TCNT established the world’s biggest Graphene reactor, producing 250 tons Graphene and 30 tons functional Carbon Nanotube per year.


▪ Signed Agreement with Shunfeng Photovoltaic Holdings Limited

▪ Developed novel Photovoltaic Racking and Photovoltaic Frame with SFCE Group.


▪ Signed Agreement with Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation, building the first ocean renewable energy storage plant in Xianshan, Hsinchu.

▪ Co-Developed Rapid Pneumonia Screening System with Taipei Medical University Hospital and Biosensor with Mackay Memorial Hospital.

▪ Established Biotech Innovation and Incubation Center in Mackay Memorial Hospital to enhance medical technology development, TCNT facilitates globalization, knowledge economic and diversification of biotechnology and medical technology. 


▪ Officially renamed as Taiwan Carbon Nanotube Corporation in 2016

▪ The Board Directors of TCNT founded two subsidiaries, PQClean Technology and Dr Enose Biotechnology Corporation, focused on energy and biotech industry respectively. 


▪ TCNT applied for capital increase on Go Incubation Board

▪ TCNT listed its capital increase information on Go Incubation Board for five consecutive business days since June 28, 2016, and began investor subscription and payment in July 5, 2016.

2016/06 Completed the 2016 fiscal year shareholders’ meetings on June 30. 
2016/07 Held Salt-Ion Battery product launch even on July 19, TCNT demonstrated its breakthrough in challenging the traditional battery limits by utilizing the patented carbon nano-electric technology to storage energy by separating ions.  

TCNT officially listed on Go Incubation Board, stock code 7502.