Talent is our most valuable asset. We offer the best remuneration to outstanding employees, subject to your performance. We share profits with employees to attract, retain, nurture and inspire all talents. Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology was established in 2012. Our headquarter is next to the Science Park Authority, easy to commute or park.

Key products and services
TCNT develops functional chemicals based on CNT/Graphene. We also develop applications based on these material. We use CNT / Graphene as a starting point to change the world, to help mankind, and to do good to the environment.
Employees Benefits
• Cash gifts for major festivals

• Labor Insurance and national health Insurance

1. Meal allowance
2. Employees Training

1. Two-day weekend
2. Sick leave: 5 days with full pay

1. Employee parking spaces
2. periodic health examination
3. Free coffee and tea

• Cash gifts for Marriage, Funerals, and Childbirth

Contact and service
Contact Person
Tel: 037-581999
Fax: 037-583335

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