Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology, a Corporation Forging the Future!

Humanity has made leaps and bounds in progress since the industrial revolution, coming up with explosive inventions, which propels human technology forward periodically. Carbon nanotubes and graphene are revolutionary materials in this era. The Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology Corporation has mastered various carbon nano material production and application technologies, rising up as a new star in the technological realm of this era because of the company’s outstanding R&D capacities.


The application of carbon nanomaterials encompasses all living necessities, with a wide range of applications. Demand will grow exponentially in the future. Our advanced technology enables us to produce the purest carbon nanotubes and graphene in large volumes. Our patented graphene mass production technology facilitates an annual production capacity of up to 250 tons. Many end products have been developed, making us the number one carbon nanomaterial mass production and application company in the world.


Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology Corporation’s 4 subsidiary business departments:

1. Novel materials business department, 2. Energy materials business department, 3. Composite materials business department, 4. Bioinformatics business department. We have successfully developed more than thirty carbon nanomaterials and the applications right now, with patent applications filed. We have applied for 100 invention patents over the course of 4 years.


Novel Materials Business Department 

The department focuses on core technologies such as the synthesis, modification and dispersion of carbon nanomaterials, bringing extensions into various basic chemical products, vertically integrating into the expansion of various functional materials and components.

The outstanding, unparalleled properties of carbon nanomaterials can be added to various base materials to enhance the original properties of the base materials. For example, applications in silicone/rubber will form a composite material. The excellent dispersion technology is introduced into silicone and rubber products to significantly enhance electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, facilitating more widespread applications and more outstanding performance.

This type of composite material can see wide application in tires, O-rings, HSR rubber padding, automobile engine mount, clean room anti-static damping, industrial conductive rubber and anti-static rubber, as well as noise-proof damping used in our daily lives.

The various dispersions and functionalized carbon nanotubes developed by this department facilitate direct use by the client in order to break down the high entry barrier to nanotechnology. The combined “cost to performance” ratio is better than the conventional materials, bringing a new light to traditional industries.


Energy Materials Business Department 

After 5 years of R&D, the department unveiled an all-new salt-ion battery in 2016. Patented nano-carbon based electrode technology was used in an innovative manner, utilizing the principle of the energy storage of ionic separation to break through the conductivity limitations of traditional materials. This provides even lower power storage costs while enhancing battery performance.

The salt-ion battery has 5 traits: 1. Low-cost energy storage, as it can be cycled more than 30,000 times. 2. High conversion efficiency, which remains at nearly 100% even after 30,000 charging cycles. 3. Thermo stability and safety. 4. Rapid charge and discharge. 5. Implements environmental protection as there is no pollution, no CO2 emissions. The battery is more advantageous in terms of performance and environmental friendliness as compared to lithium and lead acid batters that are currently in use.

The product has developed and completed its own application in modifying carbon-based material, manufacture of carbon electrodes, design of cell structure, Power management system, human-machine interface as well as establishment of big data, while also receiving patents in various nations.

The salt-ion battery resolves the safety and cycle issue of lithium batteries while improving upon the low efficiency of traditional lead acid batteries, making large-scale energy storage devices safer and able to operate for longer periods. They provide flexible power usage, creating smart power and a diverse integrated power service.

Highly efficient, pure, safe energy at a low cost allows true implementations and applications of power generation through renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydropower.


Composite Materials Business Department 

This department utilizes carbon nanotubes and graphene to fortify polymer composite material properties. This allows enhancement of materials used in bicycles, electric vehicles, golf equipment, badminton and tennis equipment, solar panel rims and more for better strength. We have also developed various product formulas for fiberglass reinforced composites, fortified industrial plastics, anti-static plastics, anti-corrosion plastics and more for applications in high-tech, lightweight high end markets, such as the aerospace, racecar, yacht, medical material, sports equipment and 3C product industries.


Bioinformatics Business Department 

Our company utilizes advanced carbon nano materials to develop various collections of bioinformatics products:

Early Cardiac Arrest Detection Biochip: patients with tightness in the chest can take a drop of blood from their fingertip and drip the blood into the detection chip to find out in real time their risk for cardiac arrest. The application can also be integrated with cloud data and remote healthcare so that patients can monitor real time health information for themselves.

Ventilator Detection Device: Multiple high molecular gas detection materials are built it to detect the different types of gases respired by the human body through self-learning capabilities. The device enables early diagnosis of infectious risk.

Applications for the bionic electronic nose currently under development by the department:

Environmental gas detection, environmental toxin detection, environmental life quality detection and more.

Combining our own carbon nanotube and bio-information technology to develop an application which integrates remote gas sensors with an aroma generator so that people can be in two separate places while being able to utilize online communications to smell the environmental smells where the other party is located. This includes aromas such as perfume or food. It allows friends and family in two separate places to experience life at the same time, bringing more realism to VR and AR applications.


Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology Corporation