New Product Arrival: Carbon Nanotubes Demonstrate Thermal Efficiency and Versatility

It is discovered that Carbon nanotubes have numerous unparalleled characteristics, including outstanding structure stiffness that is 50 times stronger than steels, ballistic accuracy in electron transportation, extremely high specific surface area, and excellent thermal conductivity capability. However, despite the numerous great features, the development of carbon nanotubes is still limited by high prices, which is even higher than diamonds, and unstable quality.


TCNT integrates a Japanese patent technology to produce cheap but high-quality Carbon nanotubes and develops a variety of composite materials with highly commercial values. It might be a surprise to you that many end-user products we use in our everyday lives have already integrated carbon nanotube composite materials.


Dr. LI, JIA-HUNG points out that TCNT is the industry leader of dispersion technology of nanomaterials. Super Damper, which integrates the dispersion technology to strengthen electrical and mechanical properties, is estimated to be massively applied in products like high-speed railroad cushions, automobile shock absorbers, antistatic in clean rooms, industrial conductive and antistatic rubbers, and anti-noise dampers.


The dispersion technology facilitates the development of new industries. Stuffing materials made of carbon nanotubes show better mechanical and electrical properties. With the polymer structure of carbon nanotubes, plastic materials produced with dispersion technology show higher durability and shear strengths. KFM integrated with carbon nanotubes helps to improve seal pressure and mechanism of O-ring under high temperatures, further enhancing durability and product values. 


Dr. SHIU, YING-DUNG further states that products combining plasma heating and carbon nanotubes can achieve speedy temperature control, excellent stability, high infrared radiation rate, and coating flexibility. For example, electric heating pieces with industrial nano coatings on substrates perform better in thermal conductivity than that of traditional nickel chrome heaters, allowing shorter heating time and lower power consumption.


There are many examples of products integrated plasma heating and carbon nanotubes ranged from a variety of industries. Battery insulation, heating instrument, sterilization, blood insulation, injection insulation, IV insulation, and respirator in medical industry. IC test handlers, machines heating structures, heat source of analytical instrument, plant growing system, incubator, piglet insulation, and heating blanket for animals in the agriculture industry. Automobile demisters, snowplow signals, radiator heating, demister and snow removal for windshield and rear-view mirrors, rice cookers, defroster for refrigerators, heating blankets, greenhouse, coffee pots, defrost mirrors, coolers, foot warmer, compressor, heating toilet seats, clothes/tower dryer racks, and USB heating products in the traffic and commodity industry.


Additional examples are copy machines, anti-frozen products, fermentation products, insothermic bags, pipe-heating devices, waterbed-heating devices, floor-heating devices, and other small voltage heating devices. New generation, new life and new products.


Source of the source: chinatimes