Aqueous Antistatic Paint - ASW-04S
Conductive component Carbon nanotube
Solvent water
Adhesive composition Water soluble Polyester co-polymer
Appearance black
Properties Unit Value
Maximum Working Temperature >100
Surface Resistivity Ω <104
Volume Resistivity Ω-cm <50
Viscosity mPa·s 10-20
pH value 6-7
Pencil scratching test HB
SEM Pic Magnification 105 X  



Static cause a lot of problems in production process and customer applications, including sparks, flare up solvent vapors, attract dust, and electrical shocks. One effective method to avoid these troubles is to design products that do not congregate static. TCNT has developed an antistatic paint for the film or sheet industry or end users. The product is based on Carbon Nanotube with spray method to form a conducting coating on the product or equipment. The product or equipment coated with TCNT antistatic paint have a surface resistivity of 104 Ohm. The antistatic functionality of the paint is non-transferrable and does not influence by humidity, temperature and other factors. Also, it is resistant to chemical corrosion, good stable conductivity and easily to be dispersed in the resin system and easily to be combined firmly with every materials. Especially suitable for PES、PVC、PC、polyester or plastic surface.


  • The surface resistance of product or equipment obviously lower than 104 Ohm-cm after coated the paint.
  • Permanent anti-static.
  • Dust free. Different from general carbon black, the conductive ingredient of the paint is carbon nanotube. With Carbon nanotube the problem of dust issue can be solve.
  • The paint has very good weather-resistance property, due to the protection of carbon nanotube and the binder in this paint is saturated polyester resin which has no double bond.
  • Due to the self-extinction property of resin and the existence of carbon nanotube, the paint has flame retardant property.
  • Good adhesion. Suitable for the surface of PES、PVC、PC、Polyester.
  • Easy to use, spray-coating is feasible.
  • Water-based product. Toxic free.
  • Depend on user’s need; ASW-04S can be use after dilution. The price is reasonable.