Silicone Warp - WP-240

Test item


Average value

Tensile strength (ASTM D412)



Tear strength(ASTM D624)



Elongation (ASTM D412)



Volume resistivity


<0.1~25 or less

Operate temperature range


−40 to 200



Approach 0%

Heating rate

C /sec



Flexibly silicone warp WP-240 shows excellent mechanical, thermal, and electric conductivity properties , and electric-heating characteristics to make it advantageous Silicone Rubber-CNT composites with thinner(~240μm), better wear resistance characteristics, and better electric-heating properties, so the Silicone warp can be widely used as a large number of applications, such as flexible heating pad, smart cloth, conductive silicone, thermal application, anti-wear applications, thin shutter, water blocking membrane, etc. Due to the silicones’ thermal stability, Silicone warp keep a constancy of properties over a wide temperature range of −40 to 200 °C, so the silicone warp can be operate at harsh temperature. It has excellent air impermeability, can isolate water vapor or steam,     the light block ability can be approach 100%. It will be feeling comfortable and smooth to touch our wrap or put it on your skin.

  • Compressibility and recoverability are good.
  • Has excellent physical characteristics at harsh temperature. Able to operate normally at -40℃~200℃.
  • Has high electrical conductivity property(<25 ~0.1Ωcm or less).
  • Excellent air impermeability, to isolate water vapor/steam is available.
  • The efficacy of light block is brilliant (can be approach 100%).
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Suitable for human skin. The touch of warp is comfortable.
  • Dust free.
  • To increase the quantity of carbon nanotubes, this wrap can be used as a heating pad by built-in an
  • electric circuit system which driving voltage ≥ 5V. For example, suitable driving for USB device and the temperature can reach 30~100C(reach 100C in 10 min)
  • Microwave heating is possible.