CNT-Silicone Rubber Compound_MVQ TYPE - CSBO-114MVQ

CSBO-114MVQ spec







Main component



Oil type

Methyl Vinyl Silicone Rubber


Temperature tolerance

< 250C




Different from carbon black (zero dimension sphere structure), CNT is a kind of one dimension nanoscale carbon material which has better mechanical properties, electricity and thermal conductivity. With the unique material performance of CNT, to create a brand new polymer composite product is passible.


CSBO-114MVQ is suitable for rubber synthetic modification process. By using CDBO-114MVQ, the electricity conductivity of silicone rubber product can be largely improved. At silicone rubber blending process, the anti-statics properties can be obtained by adding little amount of CDBO-114MVQ (1/5~1/10 general silicone rubber compound, e.g. 37wt% CB silicone rubber compound) and it’s no need to modify process recipe. Quicker and easier processing can be reached.

  • High compatibility with silicone rubber, suitable for all kinds of HTV/RTV silicone rubber modification.
  • The main compound is vinyl silicone rubber and CNT well-dispersed in by TCNT special process. 
  • The blending process of CSBO-114MVQ is easy and fast, anti-static properties can be obtained by a few amount of CSBO-114MVQ. With few amount of compound, the less processing time (less than a half processing time when using general silicone rubber compound).  
  • Using in solid silicone modification to enhance anti-static properties, it’s only need a few amount of CSBO-114MVQ(< 50phr, or <20phr). The surface conductivity of silicone rubber using CSBO-114MVQ & CB silicone rubber compound are compared below( same phr amount & process)
Recommended Use
  • Replace electricity conductive compound. Recommended amount of CSBO-114MVQ: < 50phr.
  • Suitable for general rubber manufacture process. E.g. Roller or Mixer process.
  • Suitable for carbon black and silica compound.
  • Depend customer’s need, we can provide different solution.