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NTOC Series CNT Rubber Process Oil is cream-type oil, suitable for use in blending process of Chloroprene, Styrene-Butadiene or Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber. The mechanical properties(Hardness, M300, Tensile stress, elongation, Tear strength), fabricability and productivity of rubber can be improve and anti-static property will be gave by using NTOC series, due to NTOC series has excellent CNT dispersion, even added in small amounts. Synergy Effects will react between CNT and carbon black and it will improve the hardness, tensile strength, tear strength and damping (Tan δ) of rubber. It’s very suitable for tire, damping, rubber film or O-ring manufacturing application.


Different from carbon black (zero dimension sphere structure), CNT is a kind of one dimension nanoscale high stiffness carbon material. Due to CNT tightly binding with rubber, the characteristic of rubber have been improved, such as hardness, M300, tensile stress, tear strength, damping properties. It’s no need to modify the previous process when using NTOC Series.

  • Improve fabricability and productivity: Reduce the cost of rubber forming process and productivity.  NTOC Series is cream type product, dust free.
  • Suitable for CR, SBR, IIR or all kinds of rubber manufacture process which use Naphthenic process oil.
  • Even if added only a small amount NTOC Series (1~25wt% or 1~25phr), it still get great hardness, tensile stress, tear strength, damping properties and elongation.
  • High compatibility with rubber, no need to change process recipe.
  • Give anti-static, high thermal conductivity and black glossiness properties to rubber.
  • Brand new product properties: The performance of rubber present more than 200% efficiency when using NTOC Series and carbon black at the same time, give rubber more possibility. It can soften rubber, enhance the tear strength and toughness of rubber by blending NTOC series with large amount blending oil rubber and high hardness rubber.
  • Form a 3D network construction with carbon black & silica: the SEM picture of CNT & rubber high polymer 3D linkage as pic. (a) and the Synergy Effects of CNT and carbon black as pic.(b).
Recommended Use
  • Add NTOC Series before (or after) adding Carbon black (or silica). The ratio can adjust to obtain best performance. 
  • NTOC series is suitable for general rubber manufacture process, like Roller or Mixer process.
  • Suitable for carbon black and silica compound.
  • Depend customer’s need, we can provide different solution.