World’s First Sodium-ion Battery Demonstrates a Stunning Breakthrough

In the past, in order to avoid additional electricity expenses, corporations or individuals can only reduce the electricity consumption, which causes inconvenience in life and hindrance of business development.


TCNT launched the world’s first sodium-ion battery on June 19, 2016, demonstrating its strengths on applying the theory of nano carbon electronic ion exchange on breaking traditional battery limits and further lowering the costs of electricity storage.


Five Key Features of Sodium-ion Battery:

  1. Cost effectiveness, allowing over 30,000 times battery cycle.
  2. Excellent conversion efficiency, remaining 100% battery efficiency after 30,000 times battery cycle.
  3. High thermaostability, operating safely under 70 degree Celsius.
  4. Quickly charged within 15 minutes.
  5. Environmentally friendly, minimal pollution emission during production.


TCNT’s capability of product development is undeniable. From nano carbon chemical modification to carbon electronics manufacturing, mechanical design, Battery Management System (BMS) development, user interface establishment and big data collection, TCNT has received patents in numerous countries. In the era of smart energy, the sodium-ion battery will solve issues of the traditional batteries with advanced technology, providing a safe, efficient, and stable large-scale energy storage solution.