OTC: TCNT is Officially Trading on the Go Incubation Board, Stock Code 7502

TCNT will be listed on the Go Incubation Board on 26th August 2016.

TCNT (stock code: 7502; Industry category: others), specializing in the development, production, and sales of basic chemical products like Carbon Nanotube and Graphene, has been dedicated to developing end-user applications, including energy storage systems, composite materials, and biomedical products. TCNT provides holistic services that meet needs of nanoelectronic industry. TCNT applies heterogeneous dispersion technology, cross-scale dispersion technology, and multiphase dispersion technology to enhance the strengths of nanoelectronics in end-user products, expecting to maximize innovative values of modern high-tech products by upgrading basic materials and to become an environmentally friendly corporation that benefits all human beings.


Source of the source: MoneyDJ