PV EXPO Tokyo 2017 Trending - TCNT Sodium-Ion Battery

TCNT launched its patented sodium-ion battery during PV EXPO Tokyo 2017. The safe and durable features of the sodium-ion battery meet the needs of large-scale renewable energy storage equipment, ensuring a safer and longer operation to provide smarter and more flexible electricity. TCNT’s sodium-ion battery is one of the most highlighted items during the exhibition.


TCNT, found in Hsinchu Chunan Science Park, announced the sodium-ion battery in 2016, after a 5-year research and development period. The battery utilizes ion exchange principles for energy storage, combining the patented nano carbon electronic technology to break the electrical conductivity limit of traditional materials to develop a battery with lower costs but higher efficiency.


TCNT’s capability of product development is undeniable. From nano carbon chemical modification to carbon electronics manufacturing, mechanical design, Battery Management System (BMS) development, and user interface and big data establishment, TCNT has received 20 patents in many countries, and there are additional 18 are under application.


There are five unprecedented features of the sodium-ion battery. First is its cost effectiveness. It allows over 30,000 charge cycles. Second is its high efficiency. It remains up to 90 percent power capacity after 30,000 charge cycles. Third is its safety and high thermostability. Fourth is its quick charging capability. Finally, it is environmental friendly. Its efficiency and green production process triumphs the mainstream battery products.


During the PV EXPO Tokyo this year, TCNT’s sodium-ion battery solution attracted numerous buyers and potential business partners. As the intermittent nature of renewable energy, stability is the key factor for green energy to be fully commercialized. Therefore, a complete electricity supply system must combine energy generation and energy storage. TCNT is optimistic about market opportunities of its sodium-ion battery solution. Energy storage solutions play an irreplaceable role in realizing efficient, clean, safe, and cheap electricity.


The year of 2017 is an important year for TCNT’s sodium-ion battery. There are five Japanese distributors and over twenty clients are interested in purchase and cooperation. Kuroda Electric and IBIDEN ENGINEERING are two representatives of TCNT in product promotion and warranty and support service in Japan.



Source of the source: chinatimes



From the right to the left: JING-DUNG SHIU, General Manager of TCNT, CHIUN-RUNG TSAI, Executive Director of TCNT, Japan region sales manager, and management of Kuroda Electric and IBIDEN ENGINEERING.