HukuiBio and TCNT Lead a Novel Path to the China Market

HukuiBio has dedicated many years to growing its market shares in the China market. Its professional knowledge about imports, registrations, sales and production costs of the Chinese medical appliances market is comprehensive. In order to enhance the company growth, Min Chih Hsuan, the Chairman of HukuiBio has invested over 50 million NT dollars to build a GMP factory at the Shui-Tu Science Park in Chongqing City. The GMP factory, covering an area of 3300 square meters, serves a purpose of manufacturing medical appliances for the Chinese domestic market, assisting associated medical appliance companies to apply for licenses within a year and saving those companies tremendous costs of factory construction.


HukuiBio Develops Distribution Channels to Open Up the New Market

Furthermore, HukuiBio helps the associated medical appliance companies to develop distribution channels in the China market. Min-Chih Hsuan, the Chairman of HukuiBio, emphasizes that doctor-patient relationship and health care are two key public issues in China. A good product must have not only proper distribution channels but also licenses to be able to succeed in the China market.

TCNT, the expert in the Graphene manufacturing field, provides extensive services to fulfill needs of the nano carbon electronic industry. TCNT applies its core dispersion and mixing technology to enhance the advantages of nano carbon molecules, develops a comprehensive Intellectual property system, and builds a product development platform to facilitate Taiwan industry upgrades. TCNT has developed a complete product portfolio, including solar cells, advanced construction materials, medical laboratory equipment, and more.


The Products Launch in Both China and Taiwan Market

HukuiBio and TCNT co-develop a monitor equipment, which can rapidly identify bacteria causing pneumonia from patients’ breath, helping physicians to determine effective and accurate treatments immediately.  Eddy Tsai, the CEO of TCNT, states that the monitor equipment is under license application and will soon be launched in both Taiwan and China, bringing maximum profits for TCNT.


Jia-Yong Guo, the CEO of HukuiBio, also points out that besides the authorized manufacturing, HukuiBio and TCNT signed a marketing cooperation agreement for southwest area of Mainland China. This innovative business model not only facilitates the process of license application and manufacturing services but also establishes distribution channels for the new products, opening up a new path for Taiwan medical appliance companies entering the China market.



Source of the source: chinatimes