Welcome to TCNT, the Future of Advanced Materials
TCNT, the pioneer in the advanced material industry, specializes in Carbon Nanotube and Graphene. TCNT begins from developing a platform for core technologies of nano carbon molecules, like synthesis, modification, and dispersion and extends to a variety of basic chemicals and functional materials and components, establishing a vertically integrated supply chain.
About TCNT
The many advantages of nano carbon molecules not only help lower the barrier for companies in the traditional industry to enter the nanotechnology industry, but also expand its applications in fields like composite materials, energy development, biomedical and more. In addition to storage system and gas sensor development, TCNT is committed to taking advantages of nanotechnology to bring new energy, advanced materials and eventually create a better future for all human beings.
After five-years of research, Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology is introducing the world’s first VAP rapid diagnosis system. We strive to offer the best precision diagnosis solution to the critical care community. We empower miracle.